AUS | Brisbane | 2017 February 02-03. Australasian Ecoacoustics Workshop, organised by the Australasian Chapter of Ecoacoustics. Australasian Ecoacoustics Workshop 2017

USA | East Lansing | 2016 June 05-07. The next ISE meeting will be organised by the secretary of the ISE Prof. Stuart Gage (Michigan State University).Website

ITALY | Rome | 2015 September 21-25. A workshop entitled Environmental Acoustic Data Mining will be organised by Prof. Hervé Glotin at the conference “IEEE International Conference on Data Mining series (ICDM)”. Website

USA | Atlantic City | 2015 November 14. A symposium entitled The soundscape ecology: a new frontier of the ecological investigation will be organised by the president of the ISE Prof. Almo Farina at the conference “Ecology at the Interface” organized the European Ecological federation and the Italian Society of Ecology. Website

GERMANY | Murnau | 2015 September 11-17. A symposium dealing with ecoacoustics will be organised by the vice-president of the ISE, Jérôme Sueur at the next International Bioacoustics Council (IBAC) conference. Website

USA | Portland | 2015 July 05-10. A symposium entitled Connecting the landscape to the soundscape – State of the art and perspectives will be organised by the secretary and the president of the ISE, Prof. Stuart Gage and Prof. Almo Farina at the 9th world congress of the International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE). Website

FRANCE | Paris | 2014 June 16-18.  The first ISE meeting entitled Ecology and acoustics: emergent properties from community to landscape. Abstract book. Website.