Field trips

Note: all prices are in Australian Dollars.

Option 1: Early morning bird walk followed by BBQ at Samford Ecological Research Facility (SERF)

Thursday morning

6am:  pick up from QUT Gardens Point

11am return to QUT

Cost: only $40

To register for this field trip please click here

The Samford Ecological Research Facility (SERF)  is located in the Samford Valley, a 25-minute drive northwest of QUT’s Gardens Point Campus in Brisbane, Queensland. This 51-hectare property provides QUT with a research, teaching and learning base for a range of ecological, engineering, built environment and educational programs primarily relating to urban development and its impact on ecosystems. The property was bequeathed to QUT by renowned Queensland entomologist Dr Elizabeth Nesta Marks whose breakthrough work with mosquitoes and malaria in the 1940s and ’50s is world recognised. 70% of the property is covered with vegetation providing a refuge to native plants and animals that are under increasing pressure from urbanization.

This field trip will  include transport and lunch.

 For interest in this field trip, please contact Susan Fuller:


Option 2: Noosa Biosphere Reserve 

Thursday 28 June

Cost $100 (Departing Brisbane 8:30am, returning by 7:30pm)

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Noosa Biosphere Reserve was designated by UNESCO in 2007 and was the first biosphere reserve recognised in the state of Queensland. The biosphere reserve is home to over 44% of Australia’s bird species, 1,365 species of plants, 711 species of native fauna and 60 distinct ecosystems. The biosphere reserve is recognised globally for its rich biodiversity and dynamic approaches to sustainability and community engagement. This day trip will involve sound walks and field recording in terrestrial and aquatic environments at Boreen Point and Noosa National Park. The trip will include a picnic lunch by the Noosa River and delegates will also have the opportunity to visit Mary Cairncross and the Rainforest Discovery Centre on the way to Noosa Biosphere Reserve.

This field trip includes transport, lunch and all activities.

For interest or questions about this field trip, please contact Leah Barclay:

Please note some delegates will be staying in Noosa for 1-2 days after the field trip to do environmental field recording and we welcome others to join. Please contact Leah Barclay for further information. 

Option 3: Field Trip to Great Sandy Biosphere Reserve

Unfortunately the Great Sandy Biosphere Reserve and Fraser Island Field Trip has been cancelled due to a lack of numbers. Delegates are still welcome to book a Fraser Island tour directly on this link: (those participating in the Noosa Field trip can still stay in Noosa and go to Fraser Island the following day)

The Great Sandy Biosphere Reserve is located in the Southeast Queensland Bioregion in eastern Australia. Renowned for its cultural and ecological significance, the reserve contains the Great Sandy Strait, a Ramsar-listed wetland, and Fraser Island, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The reserve incorporates the largest Sand Island and coastal sand mass in the world. This field trip will involve a sonic exploration of aquatic and terrestrial environments including a boat trip where delegates will have the opportunity to record aquatic environments around Fraser Island. This trip will cost approx. $120 including transport, lunch and all activities.

For questions please contact Leah Barclay:

Alternative Options: 

Quandamooka Festival – Stradbroke Island

The Quandamooka Festival is an annual three month calendar of events from June to August happening in Brisbane’s Redlands and Southern Moreton Bay islands region including key events on Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island). The First Nations’ people of the region, the Quandamooka peoples, live and work in the region with cultural traditions stemming from tens of thousands of years of continuous occupation. The Quandamooka Festival is a unique opportunity to learn more about the sands, seas, lakes, creeks, catchments and creatures found across the Redlands / Moreton Bay islands from Quandamooka peoples perspective as well as participate in a whole range of activities and events including whale watching cultural tours, Kunjiels (corroborees), Indigenous sports, eco boat tours, art, weaving, bush tucker dining experiences, speaker’s forums and symposiums and collaborations with First Nations peoples from around the world.

Key events from the Quandamooka Festival coincide with the Ecoacoustics Congress and we encourage you to experience the program if time permits. Please visit the festival website for further information:

We suggest the events below which are happening the weekend after the Ecoacoustics Congress and are easily accessible form Brisbane.

Saturday, June 23, 9:00am – 4pm
Jencoomercha Festival
Where: Lonicera Street, Lonicera St, MacLeay Island QLD 4184, Australia (map)
Description: Macleay island Organic Farm festival is a family fun day of celebration, art, culture, music, dance and people coming together to enrich the island’s generations. Program includes weavers, crafts, artisians, food and cultural talks on Aboriginal history, bush tucker, medicinal plants, tools and weapons.

Saturday, June 23, 9:00am – 2:30pm
SIMO Boat Cruise
Where: One Mile Jetty, Yabby St, Dunwich QLD 4183, Australia
Description: Boat cruise to southern end of St Helena and explore the science and culture of Quandamooka waters.

Sunday, July 1, 11:00am – 4pm
Buangan Biyigi ( Dolphin Day)
Where: Amity Point QLD 4183, Australia
Description: Buangan (Dolphin) is a sacred totem of the Quandamooka Peoples. Join us at Pulan Pulan (Amity) as we celebrate and learn about the ocean and land wild life of Minjerribah. Enjoy a day of family fun and experiences, including traditional songs and stories, dance, kids activities and environmental talks.


Option 4: Field trip to the Einasleigh River, North Queensland

(Field trip cancelled due to low numbers) 

Friday 29 June to Tuesday 3 July

Cost approx. $600-$700

Simon Linke and his freshwater ecoacoustic colleagues are looking for expression of interest for a trip to Simon’s main field site on the Einasleigh River. Talaroo Station is an Aboriginal Protected Area, returned to the traditional owners of the Ewamian Aboriginal Nation. With 6 soniferous species of fish on undisturbed stretches of the Einasleigh River, as well as 150 species of birds, this stretch of land is an ecoacoustician’s heaven.  A potential trip would be run from June 29th-July 3rd and include two daytime travel days to and from Cairns, as well as 3 days on site.

Costs would be approximately $600-$700, which would cover transport, accomodation and catering – all provided by the Ewamian Aboriginal Corporation, to whom 100% of the proceeds would go, plus a flight from Brisbane to Cairns. After the field trip, you will be brought back to Cairns, where you can explore the Great Barrier Reef and the wonders of Cape York.

For interest in the field trip, please email Simon Linke ( by March 2nd 2018.

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