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About Wildlife Acoustics 

Wildlife Acoustics, Inc., a privately held Massachusetts corporation, is the leading provider of bioacoustics monitoring technology for scientists, researchers, and government agencies worldwide. Our customers monitor birds, bats, frogs, insects, fish, whales, elephants, rhinos and other wildlife.

Our Mission

Our mission was born out the desire to provide the most innovative, easy-to-use and economical bioacoustics monitoring and analysis tools and software available today.

We are technologists dedicated to serving biologists and conservationists

Wildlife Acoustics is backed by an impassioned team of technologists, engineers, operations experts and marketers with intense interest in biology, conservation and environmental stewardship. It’s our desire to enable those involved in animal biology, research and conservation to do their best work easily and quickly.

Because we are privately held, WA is constantly investing in R&D to create new and better bioacoustics monitoring and analytical tools for avian, terrestrial and marine work.

We Listen

Our customers are our most important asset. We are committed to excellent customer service. We actively seek user input to continuously improve everything we do – from creating innovative monitors, detectors, recorders and software to making your purchase and training experiences a delight.



Frontier Labs




Frontier Labs is an Australian based research and development company specialising in designing low-noise recording equipment for ecological research as well as equipment for remote area instrumentation and telemetry. We have spent the last few years designing and refining our new range of bioacoustic field recording equipment designed specifically for scientific research, as well a hybrid mesh-satellite communication system for remote area monitoring and alerts.

We also offer a broad range of consulting services including training and workshops as well as product design, development, prototyping and manufacturing.



Bronze Partners



Faunatech is an established and well-respected name, involved in the production of high-quality, dependable and innovative equipment for wildlife researchers. In addition, Faunatech retails class-leading bioacoustics equipment and wildlife cameras from trusted brands. We take pride in our intimate product knowledge coupled with responsiveness to our customers’ requirements. A key to our success is our personalised service and commitment throughout the life cycle of products that we deliver.



Titley Scientific specialises in the design and manufacture of bat acoustic monitoring equipment to researchers across the world. With a 35 year heritage and products being used by customers in more than 100 countries you can trust the reliability and quality of our products and services.

As the innovators behind Anabat Systems, a worldwide standard in bat detection, Titley Scientific is devoted to continuous development in bat acoustic monitoring technologies. Our development team works closely with experts in the field and in research and academia to bring you effective, accurate and world-leading equipment to facilitate your wildlife monitoring and recording activities.