Workshop 3 – Bioacoustics Song Meter and Kaleidoscope Pro Workshop

When: Sunday 2pm to 5:30pm

Organiser: Mona Doss, Wildlife Acoustics

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Acoustic recorders provide a non-invasive and cost-effective technique to assess species biodiversity within a region.  This will be a hands-on workshop based on the Song Meter SM4 acoustic recorder and the Kaleidoscope Pro analysis software.   The first half of the workshop will focus on the set-up and deployment of the Song Meter SM4 recorder accounting for power considerations, site selection, recorder settings, recording schedules, etc.  The second half of the workshop will focus on data analysis with Kaleidoscope Pro to automatically organize, sort, view, label similar calls into Clusters, use labeled Clusters to create species-specific Classifiers, and perform advanced queries in large datasets.   Limited to 20.

Pre-class Instructions

To make the most of this class please download the SM4 Configurator and Kaleidoscope Pro software from the Wildlife Acoustics website.  Please also request a Kaleidoscope Pro demo license.  Note, you will have to create a free account on our website to download software.

Further Kaleidoscope Pro Instructions to be performed 1 week prior to workshop

  • Once you have downloaded Kaleidoscope,
  • Navigate to License > Install demo or permanent license
  • Enter your email address and License ID
  • Click Activate
  • If your internet connection has a firewall in place, you may get a message saying that the license activation failed. If so, Kaleidoscope will display instructions for activating the software manually using your web browser.

What to bring

  • Your laptop (ideally with Excel software installed) plus the software mentioned above